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    joyner trooper 2 in 2 weeks
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    Like getting out in the mountains with friends on their utv's. Rock collecting, touring.

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  1. Hello everyone.

  2. Returning to Apache Junction for another winter and will be enjoying it more now that I will be purchasing a UTV. A 2008 Joyner is on my mind but haven't made the final commitment yet. Would like to join an UTV / ATV club if one exists.
  3. I will be purchasing my first UTV as well within a couple of weeks when I return to Az, specifically Apache Junction. I also rode motor cycles, 3 wheeler Yamahas'. Looking for a UTV club to join if there are any such organizations. Thanks. Don
  4. With a lot of the reading I've been doing it seems to me that you are very knowledgeable with regards to Joyners'. I am contmeplating buying a 2008 T2 with low mileage and the seller says the upgrades have been done to steering, susp etc. What would be your best guess or advice on the 2008 model, the price is right at $6500 I think. Or should I spend a few more bucks and buy a newer model. I am assuming there were no 2010 models because of the closure of JMC. Your advice would be appreciated rocmoc as I plan on making the purchase by the end of Nov 11. Thanks

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