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  2. I'm in need of getting parts for my 2011 T2 and seems very hard to find anything!! I'm looking for soft tops and back also windshield, light bar, spare tire and whatever else for upgrades. Any help would be great. Thanks, Nate
  3. Good, those are some of things I have noticed as well. The I will be purchasing has the light bab, spare tire and 3500# winch for $11,300 which is a white one, the white looks little better than some of the choices. Thanks
  4. Perfect thnx. So has anyone heard any down turns on the 2012 T2 yet? Going to be buying one next week
  5. Thanks, what web sites are available to research some after market parts to go fast, and winshields tops ect. Also I haven't seen any forums for the 2012 models yet.
  6. Been researching on buying the new 2012 trooper and after reading some forums and not feeling warm and fuzzy about it. Anyone have suggestions on these yet? I know they have made many great changes on these units but parts is what concerns me......

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