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  1. Delaware. East coast mid Atlantic area. Test drove it today 9/10 condition hunter green in color, winch, 4 speed, everything is in great condition. I just can't find out how to see what year it is it didn't say it directly on the serial plate on the rear by the exhaust.
  2. I just inherited a green 2006 maybe 2008 I am not sure Joyner Commando C2 from my father in law's estate, looks to be fully loaded, winch etc. It has 9 miles on it, which are the miles that he had on it when he brought it home apparently from the dealer. It has been stored in a climate controlled garage, and is in brand new condition. Apparently was supposed to be purchasing a big whitetail lease and snagged the Joyner for that purpose, and the farm lease fell through. I have no interest in keeping this, and want to list it forsale on the local forums and craigslist, etc. What is the MOST

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