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  2. Yeah man that was a really accurate article! Seems like through out the years Ive heard that name some where but I guess my mind is going south so I cant put my finger on it..lol.. But again we use a Dyno Dynamics dyno which reads about 13% lower than the 248 DynoJet he was speaking of. In this paragraph (Car A produces 205 hp to the hubs on the Dynapack. This would equate to between 225-230 hp at the flywheel. The same car produces 195 hp to the rollers on a Dynojet. This would equate to 222-226 hp at the flywheel. Furthermore, the difference in power matches up very well with our calculated difference due to inertial losses. And interestingly enough, we have tested just such a car on our Dynapack and a Dynojet back to back with the same results (actually 196 vs. 206 hp). where he spoke of the % a DynoJet reads lower than your DynoPack. Our Dyno Dynamics dyno reads another 13% lower than 248DynoJet and maybe thats why my #'s seem so low(not to mention the cvt taking its certain amount away on top of that). But anyway im sure even at 1700 pounds your trooper with 12lbs runs pretty awesome and id say it would be a good race with you and a 900xp where they dont have to shift and torque and power curve of a 12:5.1 compression motor comes on fast but i do think with your type of power you'll move on him on the other end! My XY Buggie weighs around 1080 pounds without me in it so it will move on the 800rzrs no problem but I think I'll need some boost to move on a 900. I'll be racing in B-class at the next Rally Raid event coming up March 16th in TN and I'll mount a GoPro on my cage and let you check it out if ya like? If you ever get a chance to post some pics or videos I would love to see your supercharger set-up on your trooper. Always up for seeing other peoples set-ups for sure.I'll have my Intake manifold finished this week and I'll try and get a few pics up as well..
  3. Obviously all dynos read different. Most of our customers call our Dyno Dynamics dyno THE HEART BREAKER..lol because it reads about 13% lower than the popular dyno jet. I honestly dont mind cause our dyno is a load bearing unit that lets us apply load for different tuning situations. And honestly I dont get caught up in dyno #'s. I ONLY use the #s as a gauge.. As far as our buggy being off on power I dont think so. For instance a factory polaris 900 xp makes 88hp at the flywheel. On a dyno jet ive watched quite a few and they all make around 65 RWHP..STOCK... You take 13% away and thats 56ish RWHP on our dyno dynamics dyno. My friends STOCK Polaris XP 900 out runs my XY 1100 about 3-4 buggys from a dead stop up to about 65 mph. I cant put a set in stone # on drag racing but im sure he has to have at least that kind of a power difference to gap me like that. That being said we have 2 other 1100 buggys with the same cvt tranny and we all 3 are door to door so it just is what it is. Again im a racer and dont care if it goes from 10hp to 12hp or if it goes from 800hp to 960hp. When I can see + 20% across the board its going in the right direction. btw what kind of boost are you making with that supercharger? Ive watched cars go from regular street tires to soft side wall drag radials and lose 30 rwhp from the side wall flex. Id say with your same tune on 27 inch tall dirt tires at 10-11 psi your 121 rwhp would probably be in the 90-100hp range... Charlie, You can go to www.Haltech.com and check out the products but I run a sprint 500 which Map pricing is around 960.00 I think and I run there dual chanel wide band controller that is around 250.00.. To really take full advantage of your motor and have complete control of future modifications this a must in my opinion. I run there sport 2000 on my Turbo BMW s1000 that makes 450hp+ and it NEVER lets me down. Advanced boost control,knock controller for safety, individual cylinder timing,Seq fuel and ignition. The software is pretty user friendly compared to a Motec ,ProEFI or AEM. Let me know if you have any questions. I was a tech for them for over a year and they sponsor my Race Program so id be more than happy to be of help if you have any questions..
  4. Had a real productive weekend with my XY 1100. Got my Haltech installed an tuned. We use a DynoDynamics Dyno which usually reads 13% lower than your average Dyno Jet just to give you an idea on the #'s etc etc.. My buggie is equiped with the CVT transmission so maybe someone can chime in on comparable #'s from a stick shift/manual transmission trooper which probbaly reads a touch higher id say with the same 1100cc motor. Anyway bone stock it consistantly made 35.4-36.2 rwhp every pull(we made right at 9 pulls). Immediatly afterwards we wired our Haltech ECU and Haltech dual channel wideband and loaded up the new map. After tweaking idle and start up etc etc we began WOT pulls and made 42.8-43.5 rwhp with in about 10-12 pulls it seemed like. I think next on the list is going to be addressing the TB an Intake plenium cause it def seems there will be some nice gains in that area. The factory trigger wheel was indeed a 60-2 which is pretty common for those continental ECU's to use. All in all it seems like we picked up about 20% in power just in the tune so im really looking forward to see where we end up with minor bolt-ons and optimizing air flow before I turbocharge it.
  5. Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate all the help Lenny.. Im very familiar with wasted spark but never heard it called a EDIS. Just knew that there had to be some type of a Hal-effect or relluctor type sensor to tell it when to fire since it does not have a Distributor. The Haltech ECU is more than capable to control any type of ignition I want to fire. We use this ECU on my Turbo BMW real street bike that spins a 60-2 trigger wheel 15,000+ RPMs with no problem. Plus having knock control, and a sample rate of 225 per second is great when logging data..
  6. Hey Lenny if you dont mind me asking is that 36-1 trigger wheel that you are using the factory trigger wheel that came on it? or is it an aftermarket wheel you used because the Megasquirt could not fire the factory one? Im about to get head deep this weekend so any info would be helpful. Also do you know what the factory timing is set at from the factory?
  7. This is great information guys I really appreciate it and will make my Haltech install a breeze now! Thanks a bunch!! Also would you all happen to know what size injectors come in our motors? This will make life great when im building my map.
  8. Great post!!! I dont own a joyner but I do own an XY 1100 buggy that has the same SQR-472.. I am building CAI set-up and a nice exhaust as we speak so im excited to see what type of gains i'll see. After I get everything finished I'll probably go out an do some comparisions then come back and start wiring up a Haltech Sprint 500 with there wideband controller. If you dont mind me asking Lenny, Do you know what the teeth configuration is on the trigger wheel? And do you know where I can find a correct diagram of the factory ECU pin out? I went to joyners website and the diagram looks like its correct but the pin out below looks like its for a 3yl. Figured they messed up an put a 800cc diagram under it..lol.. I plan on running my Haltech inline with the factory ECU so if I had a pin out I wouldnt have to break the harness down and re-rap it to see what goes where. Hope I dident mess the thread up and any help would be gladly appreciated.. Thanks Stephen Jessie

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