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  1. It sounds like it's best to pend the extra $1500 and get a Polaris!! I'm still struggling with figuring out how to get the UTV from camp site to fun site!... this is a deal breaker and may terminate my plans if I can't figure it out! Considering that I will have a hitch in the back of my truck then just driving the 12' UTV into the bed and leaving the butt sticking out isn't an option. If I could just raise it above the hitch then I would be OK. Any ideas? I was looking at the diamond back truck cover, bit that simply makes the situation worse because its not as stable. The width of the truc
  2. Thanks for the feedback.. this is VERY useful!.. the bummer that I'm finding is that all the e 5 or 6 seaters are 12.0xxxx ft long. A lot of the Toy hauler models have exactly 12' garages. I've talked to the helpful folks at heartland RV and they said that the fit would be to tight and when they say a 12' garage they mean 12 FEET!.. no wiggle room! However I'm seeing a 14' garage that would work and leaves the UTV selection open. Also can you or anyone tell me about towing the UTV without a trailer? is it possible to lock the steering and use a tow bar. Also can you connect the wiring from t
  3. Hi, My Family and I just returned from a vacation where we were frustrated by the fact that we were not able to access interesting places via off road tracks even in our 4WD SUV. However we saw folks happily going through in UTV's. So We decided that it maybe a nice idea to get a UTV especially as we are also in the market to replace our travel trailer with a 5th wheel Toy Hauler. We need to seat 5 people. Admittedly our 4 year old boy could possible squash in between his sisters on the back seat of a 4 seater, but 4 year old boys have a habit of growing into 6' teenagers rather quickly, so

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