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  1. Successful Inaugural 2014 Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo LOUISVILLE, KY JUNE 24, 2014: The first annual Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo fulfilled its tagline ‘East Goes Epic’. It was extremely successful in the eyes of the enthusiasts there to enjoy, exhibitors who were able to show and sell their products, and racers who threw dirt demonstrating their extreme off-road machines capabilities. Offroad and powersports vehicles of all sorts filled the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY Friday through Sunday June 20-22. “We can’t be more excited about the o
  2. LOUISVILLE, KY JUNE 15,2014: The inaugural Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo on Saturday and Sunday June 21st and 22nd opens it’s Louisville, Kentucky doors from 9 am to 6 pm. Off-roaders including Jeepers, ATV, UTV and Rock Crawling enthusiasts will meet and enjoy their common pastime while learning about the newest products in the market. “We have been working diligently for months to make this an exceptional event,” said Erin Freeman, Expo VP Sales & Marketing. “It has been a pleasure working with all these companies on the phone and I look forward to seeing them set
  3. ★ Only 2 more Weeks until the EAST GOES EPIC ★ 120+ top vendors, 32 of the best off road racers, 3 top race series → TV commercial: → Tickets: http://goo.gl/M5ejft → Website: www.unlimitedoffroadexpo.com
  4. Check out the new Unlimited Off-Road Expo TV commercial on Fox News starting monday and running until the expo begins! → June 21. - 22. - Kentucky Exposition Center - Louisville Unlimited Off-Road Expo Trailer #2 / TV commercial
  5. - The 2014 U.O.R.Expo racer line up - - Full race schedule here: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road Unlimited Off-Road Shoot Out Racers and Vehicles: Southern Rock Racing Series 1.Luke Wilson – Oversized 2.Randall Key – Blaze / Rage 3.Labronn Osborne – White Trash 4.Bobby Tanner – Screamin’ Blue 5.Shawn Tolson – Phat N Rowdy 6.Bree Molitor – The Avenger 7.Brandon Dillon – Ford Buggy 8.Richie Keith – PlowBoy 9.Matt Brinker Ultra4 Racing 1.Shannon Campbell – Monster Buggy 2.Tony Pellegrino - #4485 Team GenRight Race Car 3.Derrick West – Nitto Tires Buggy 4.Shawn Fisher 5.Bill Baird 6.Chicky
  6. ★ We are very happy to announce the current Unlimited Off Road Expo exhibitor list! ★ → Get your ticket today: http://goo.gl/M5ejft → Website: www.unlimitedoffroadexpo.com
  7. ★ Join the Unlimited Top Rig Voting! ★ → Submit & Vote Now: http://woobox.com/y8n9q5 ★ Show us what you got! ★ → Get your ticket today: Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo Tickets, Louisville - Eventbrite → Website: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road
  8. ★ The 1. official Unlimited Off Road Expo Trailer is online ★ Check it out & share it with your friends! ★ Video: ★ → Get your ticket now: Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo Tickets, Louisville - Eventbrite ★ Louisville, KY from 20-22 June 2014 ★ → Website: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road
  9. Meet Ian Johnson at the Unlimited Off-Road Expo! TV Host, Mechanic, Off Road Rig Builder, and Big Tire at the Big Tire Garage. He will be showing off some of his builds, signing autographs, giving away swag and answering your tech questions!
  10. ★ Only a hand full of Early Bird Tickets are left! ★ → Get your ticket now: http://goo.gl/M5ejft
  11. If you want to know what companies have already signed up for the Unlimited Off Road Expo just take a quick look at this! --> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.786528184705671.1073741830.740216136003543&type=3 - Let us know who else should be on the floor plan! (Company name & contact if possible) - Want to become a vendor at the #UORExpo? Contact us! [email protected] - You want to sponsor the Off Road Freestyle Course or get in touch with the drivers? Contact us! [email protected]
  12. *** BUY TICKETS NOW *** FIRST 300 Tickets are $5 off *** --> Get Tickets - Only $18 for Military Members, Veterans or for Kids under 14! - Group & Club discount available - Industry Pro tickets for B2B Day available
  13. From high flying UTVs to vertical climbing Rock Bouncers. From 2-wheel toting Mega Trucks to high speed West Coast Rock Racers, and everything in between! We will bring you the most exciting UNLIMITED off-road freestyle event ever seen in public and performed by top racers from all series! The UNLIMITED Off-Road Power in every category: - Long jump set up for UTVs – Vertical climb for Rock Bouncers - Huge jump for the Mega Trucks – Insane high-speed rock garden for the West Coast rigs! - 2 wheel toting Mega Truck - Cyclone cutting Monster Truck - Backflip Ramp for anyone will

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