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  1. Sorrry, cut myself off the last post. Any ideas out there of which wire goes where into the actuator or the next step in troubleshooting? I'd like to know whether this is wiring, relay, or motor. Kinarfi, thanx again: Dan
  2. No, different design. I think the Commando is 1st generation and Trooper 2nd or 3rd. The Commando only has 3 wires going into the actuator: a red, a grey, and a green. Part of the actuator actually sticks out of the case with what almost looks like "set screws" holding it in place. The file was great (it gives me a basic idea, and the 4 wire schematics will give me a start. The Joyner "lives" 200 miles away where we mostly ride. I should have taken some pictures; didn't, will next time out. What I want to do is supply power to the actuator (correctly) and see if I can get the gear to swap.
  3. My 2006 Joyner Commando is locked in 4WD. When I flip the switch on the dash, the Dash LED swaps properly between 2WD and 4WD, but the unit stays in 4WD. The 3 wire sheathed cord broke (after the problem started) at the rear connector so I can't check for continuity from back to front, but each "section" of wiring is good The owner before me did some really "hinky" wiring under the dash, so I want to start at the actuator itself before tearing apart the wiring loom at the dash. The actuator has three wires coming out Red, Grey, & Green. I can not find any i

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