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    2007 joyner 1100cc

  1. I have a 2007 joyner sand viper 1100. The parking brake hasn't worked since I got it. I am trying to rebuild the master cylinder,and I think it has been put together wrong. Does someone have diagram or can you tell me if the seal without a hole goes in before the spring or after. Thank you in advance Thomas Jones
  2. planning a family camping trip at the end of june, in washing state. we have 3quads, 1 side by side and we like to go fishing. I am willing to pay more for better services, so I am open to a private campground or cabin.any ideas will helpful thank you,tom
  3. hello Kinarti I live in grants pass,ore @ about 3500rpms it sounds like very noisey lifters at first it was only while climbing hills ,now it is any time @ 3500rpms I have had the valves or shims adjusted and he did not find the problem
  4. where and how much are the parts to rebuild a2007 1100cc sandviper motor
  5. I have removed the oil/air separator how do I tell if this valve is working thank you, tom
  6. I have a 2007 1100cc sand viper why do I have oil coming out of the oil separator tank thank you tom