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  1. Thanks Kenfain..... Well, I had my neighbor take a look at the machine for me (I am out of state so I had him look). He said he disconnected the wiring from the fuel pump and turned the key and the fuse still blew. So, I am guessing the pump is ok, just as you suspected. Then he said he took out the relay and turned the key and again the fuse blew. So, are we right in assuming there is a dead short somewhere between the fuse and relay? Electical issues are such a pain. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Thank you kenfain for your insight! Sounds logical. I will give that a shot in the next day or two. Do you own a Joyner and if so where have you found the place to get parts?
  3. Hi... I am having an issue with the fuel pump fuse blowing as soon as I turn the key on. The utv was running great and all of a sudden it blew the fuse and now wont run. The unit only has 250 miles on it. Any ideas on where to start? Im in western north carolina and cant find anyone to work on it. Thanks.

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