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  1. Hello, i planning on buying my first sbs. I have a few questions and could use some help. 1. Are used ok? (I wouldnt get one more then 2 years old if i did) 2. If i get new, what time of year is best for getting sales? 3. For accessories and add on's, should I get them from a dealer or look online? (With my truck i found that inline was cheaper) I think that's all for now. Thanks
  2. 659 Hello, I am planning on buying a 4 seater sport UTV. I have looked at the Polaris RZR 4 and the Can-am Maverick Max I was wondering if there are others i should look at? also at this point i was leaning more towards the Can-am Maverick Max. Is that a good choice? Please give me as much advice as you can, i want to hear from people who actully drive them. Pros and cons of all type would be helpful. Thanks in advance for the help.

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