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  1. There is pond dam near my house that is pretty steep I will try letting it sit on the side of that for awhile over the weekend. I guess I could just try doing a long ride in the hills that would the fun way
  2. Thats what I have been doing I was just wondering if there is a faster way I am going out to put heat wrap on the header right now and that should help.
  3. The head gasket is fine. I pulled out the thermostat If I am on it hard for a few miles the red overtemp light comes on and the gauge needle is all the way to the right. It will cool down pretty quick if I stop and keep the engine running It never overflows in to the expansion tank 16psi cap If I pull up the red tab on the cap it will flow in to the expansion tank and I can see air bubbles I can hear air coming through the hose going to the radiator from the head. the coolant level does go down slightly when the air comes out. I figure all of the air will work its way out sooner or la
  4. My 2009 1100 Sand Viper is overheating and I can see and hear air coming out of the head after a ride. Anyone know of a trick to get the all of the air out quickly?

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