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  2. Well...it was alive:-/ Started 3-4 times & purred like a noisy kitten & then right back to the same crap:-( I'm totally confused?
  3. It won't push start. The Starter is running as it should & Fuel Pump is working. Pressure is within normal range. It seems like it's not getting fire, but I checked all the Plugs, which are less than 3 months old, & they were fine!
  4. I've been checking every wire, fuse, & other connection trying to find the problem. It definitely seems like an electrical problem:-(
  5. Have owned my Trooper T2 for over 3yrs now & haven't had much trouble! Went riding last weekend, everything ran fine, went to bed & when I woke-up the next morning it refused to start:-( Fuel Pump is working, Plugs are good,all Lights, Fan, & Winch work, just won't fire-up! Checked all fuses & relays & they are fine as well! Any ideas what I could be causing this?

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