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  1. I have used a GPS for years and found the Lowrance Baja Trophy 5 to be top of the line. This unit can do more than you will ever need for off road use. The price is $399.00 .This unit has a 5 1/2 inch screen and easy to see over the bumps at most any speed. Drago.....
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    Hello from the rain forest in Panama Central America. I go by the name of Drago. I'm from Arizona but spend part of my time here in Panama and part of the time in Az. I have had a number of atv and utv units over the years but now I have a new Polaris Ranger. Glad I found this forum.Well so long for new, Drago..............
  3. Just want to say hello. We are from Arizona, but have lived the last 7 years here in the jungle in Panama. We have had other sideX sides, but this is our first mule. I know there is a big difference in them so I just hope the mule will hold up here in the jungle. My main concern is how much water will it handle. In the rainy season you may have to cross a river on your way home that was not there when you went out. Well my best to all of you here on the forum. Drago.....

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