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  1. Thanks you sir. I had noticed if I drove very far and above 4K the temp would start to rise but figured the RPM range was above that. Thanks for the info. Sounds like I need to slow down a little
  2. What is the max speed/ RPM I can run my commando without damaging the engine? It will run in the mid 30s but I dont want to over rev the engine and damage it. Thanks, Jeff
  3. 06 joyner commando. Need to know what oil to use in rear diff
  4. What weight oil goes in the rear diff?
  5. The old axle came out without much trouble. I installed the new one. After driving it around some I noticed some rear end grease leaking from the diff. There is a gap between the inner cv and the diff now that I didn't notice before. I can't get the axle to go in any farther or I can't get it to come back out. Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. I have a busted boot on the outer front right. I have found info for the outer rear but not the front. Is there a boot that I can buy locally that will fit?
  7. Anyone know where you can buy just the outer joint and not buy the whole axle?
  8. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 06 commando. I bought one used and there are a few wires that are unhooked. I would like to figure out where they go and if they aren't needed any more I will remove them. I just hate having extra wires laying there not hooked up to anything Thanks, Jeff
  9. Thank you sir. I tried to have the lady at the parts store cross if for me. She ended up selling me 7731 instead of 7734. Do you by chance know the difference in the 2 plugs
  10. What are some spark plugs that can be bought locally that will work in my 650 commando?
  11. I believe I have a right rear CV joint going out. Can you just replace the CV joint or do you replace the axle as well? I have seen where you can buy the axle with CV joints on it. This side by side thing is new to me. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Hard to turn and has a wide turning radius
  13. Thanks Matt, probably going to have a lot of questions in the near future. Been doing a lot of reading on here but haven't figured out all the answers yet.
  14. I just bought a 06 commando The turning radius is very wide. Is it because it has a locked rear differential Or session to push the front while tirning

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