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  1. Dnastauf, your solution worked. Problem solved. Thank you.
  2. He has taken it to several different mechanics and the starter has been removed and checked out ok. Since it only does this 30'ish % of the time it could be they tested it on the wrong day when it was working. Still though why/what would rolling the vehicle forward a foot or two make a difference between nothing and starting up and running great or nothing? I could be totally wrong but wouldn't a neutral positioning switch make sense?
  3. Hello. My uncle has a 2011, R-4, 812cc, EFI, 5 speed manual Joyner. He called me over the weekend as he has had issues for sometime now getting the Joyner to start. Sometimes it starts right up with no issues. Sometimes it won't turn over (lights & gauges come on but nothing when the key is turned). When it starts it starts great and runs great. He noticed something that gave me a clue. He has started to notice that when it won't start and he rolls it forward a couple feet it will start right up. This makes me think the Joyner has a Neutral Positioning Switch. He confirmed the Joy

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