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  1. I was told by the guys I bought the new head n cylinder from that I need a CF 250 valve cover.. they look exactly the same from pics I've seen but they are just different enough hieght wise that only the CF will work correctly..
  2. Yep I know... Are you 110% sure it's a CF cover ? If it is tthen I'll get it once I get her money back for the one I got on eBay.. just sent it back yesterday.. Thx
  3. ok so i took in a old 05 joyner 250 sand shark .. lady got it for free from her friends.... found no compression so bought the whole new setup off ebay (head,cylinder etc) ... installed it all without a problem. tried starting it and acted like it still had no compression.. sure enough no compression..did a leak down and blowing air out exhaust... thought maybe i screwed up and pulled head back off.... all good and still perfect.. put valve cover on and find that exhaust valve is held open by the rocker even when adjusted full loose.. pull the little bolt and let adjust fall another 1/4" and valve closes... hit up the guy i got parts from on ebay and he said i need a CF250 valve cover.... (needle in a hay stack) ..... so anyways, anyone got a complete cf250 valve cover for sale ? oh and this has the litte square gear box on top of the rear axle.. anyone have the shift fork from that box ? hers is broke so no reverse. really wish i had seen the all brand new CF250 engines on ebay before buying all these parts ive had to replace.. live and learn. i dont usually touch this chinese junk but im a self-employed motorcycle tech and its winter here so i need the work...... would be easier to email me if you have parts for sale.. [email protected] thanks

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