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  1. We have a Land Master with an attached fold-down windshield. We bought the UTV used and we noticed the seal looked like it might be cracking. It has cracked and separated. Is there a DIY repair kit out there for those type windshields? I hope it can be repaired rather than buy a new one.
  2. We recently purchased a Land Master 300. The sellers did not have a manual. or even a title. It was advertised as a 2015 model. The ad was put up by one of the two owners. When we received the "Bill of sale" they provided, the other owner in filling it out, entered that it is a 2014. The only manual I have found online is a generic one for all of American Sportsworks UTVs. The lights will come on, using the key ignition the engine doesn't turn over. There is no noise or indication that the motor is engaging. It will crank if you pull start it (with the choke on). Using the manual I downloaded online, I cannot find the spark plug, or the oil dip stick. Since it appears there is no "spark" when I turn it on, I conclude it must be the starter or the spark plug. Could the battery be down and the lights work, but it won't start? Does anyone have a manual for this LM300 with an accurate engine diagram? Is there any way to get a good manual or know for sure what year model we have? Can we get a new title in my name? Thanks for your help!