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  1. Hey Quig - No need to be sorry, your 100% right. I not new to working on engines, but am new too the Trooper stuff. Now that I know that I can get some help from you guys, I am ready to ride. Have a great weekend! BlueT209
  2. Here is a few links: http://www.visitbigbend.com http://www.nationalparkreservations.com/bigbend.php http://bigbendtexasmountains.com http://www.wunderground.com/US/TX/Big_Bend_National_Park.html
  3. stevozz - Thanks for the heads-up! I will check out the gasket. Kinarfi - Thanks, I will stay away from any Tygon products! ricksrb - Next on the list, a glass filter! Thanks. Quig - "With only that few miles, you've probably only used a couple of tanks!!! lmao : )" I could use the excuse that my full-time job and my freelance work keeps me off the trails and in the dog house with the wife or I could use the excuse that I am afraid of breaking the T2, but, you are 100% correct! I want to drive it like I stole it, and if it breaks, well that is better than collecting dust. Thanks for the
  4. Guys - I wanted send an update. RUNNING! Here are the details in case it helps someone else. After following the ideas from Lenny, Kinarfi and ricksrb, this is what happened. -Took a empty ketchup bottle, filled with gas and filled up the gas line before the fuel pump. Held up the line and started to pressurize the system by putting my thumb over the open line and turning the key on and off a few times to have the system start up. (felt the pump sucking against my thumb) -After about 4 times of on and off with the key, I attempted to start, which it finally did. -Hooked all lines back up
  5. Alright, here is the update. Still no luck. Here's is what I did. 1. Unhooked the fan to hear the fuel pump start up. 2. Felt the fuel pump while cranking and it felt and sounds like it was trying to work. 3. Switched the relays of the fan and fuel pump and tried starting. No luck starting, but still sounds like things turn on as supposed to. 4. Tried to pressurize the system using Lenny's idea, doing the multiple on/off to build up pressure and nothing. (air chuck wrapped with shop rag and 1-5 psi shot into the tank. w and without the gas line hooked up at pressure gauge.) 5. Took off t
  6. Hi Lenny & Kinarfi - THANKS for the ideas! I am heading that way now and will start tinkering to see what I can mess-up, oh I mean fix. This was exactly what I was I was hoping for, some good ideas before taking off the pump and filter. I will send update how it goes. I can't say thanks enough for this site and the help you guys take the time to do. Cheers! Rick
  7. Hello all- I am having no luck starting my trooper (2009 Trooper T2) and was hoping that someone could help out. Here's the story: The last time out, last fall, everything was fine. Gave it a good wash job and put her up for the winter months. I didn't put any stabilizer in the gas, as I thought I would have her out more often, but didn't. A couple months ago, I got her out and attempted to start, without any luck. Thinking it might be the gas, I took out all the older gas, which works great in the lawn mower, and left her empty until I had a change to mess with it again. Well, I put a

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