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  1. Thanks for the reply. I looks like the part but as you say, it doesnt identify inner or outer and is out of stock anyway
  2. I was wondering if anyone has ever replaced the inner front CV boot on a 2007 Gator HPX 4x4 with a kit other than John Deere's WAAAAAAY overpriced boot kit. It seems that there are numerous vendors on Ebay and Amazon selling the OUTER boot kit, but no one selling the inner. I was up in the woods on my 40 wooded acres and tore up my right inner front boot and don't want to pay 3x the usual price for the green part. If I get no help here, I intend to measure mine and see if I can get a more universal kit to work for me.
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  4. Deano, I just did a quickie looksee at Quadratec's website and found a Warn https://www.quadratec.com/products/72006_37.htmquick connect, but it's pricey and I think you can do better at other places
  5. I have seen quick connects for winches in automotive mail order catalogs, but since my memory is shot, I forget whether it was Summit Racing or JEGS, or....? Another possibility might be 4x4 off-road catalogs. The good news is that almost all of these catalogs are free if you ask in their web sites. Good luck!

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