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  1. Eddy G

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  2. Looks interesting but I don't see it as an option for me.
  3. That's really helpful information, thank you very much. I'm leaning with to more of a work horse then a sport or play vehicle right now so the axel and suspension stuff is exceptionally helpful.
  4. Hey There, I'm new to and as green as green can be to the UTV world and looking for recommendations on purchasing my first UTV. I've done a few searchs but thought it would be quicker to just ask for some help to start with. I'm looking for something for what I'd call general purposes. Plowing snow off our paved driveway at home and then trailering it up to our cabin in the woods to plow the dirt road up there. Do some tree maintenance on our properties, pick up and move down limbs etc... Other then that we'd like to take it out on the near by trails and have some fu

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