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  2. I’ve settled on the Teryx for 3500. Runs great, cosmetically fair. Appreciate the comments that ultimately helped me feel more confident in this purchase. Any more advice about the Teryx or off-roading in general would be appreciated. It will mainly be used for helping around the property and riding back in our woods. Experiences opened up trails would be really helpful. Thanks again
  3. My Scag mechanic has traded for a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 700 with 525 hrs. He is going to tear it down and replace needed parts. He is very reliable and will not sell it until he thinks it’s right. He is expecting to sell it for about 3500 to 4000 when it is ready. Any thought would be appreciated. It has new tires. Thanks
  4. New to this. I am looking to pick up a used side by side for our property. It is a little over 18 acres, 15 of which are woods. I need something with a good hydraulic bed. It will be used primarily for chores and hauling wood on the property. I’ve looked at Polaris and Kubota (diesel). Reliability is key as is cost. Is the 570 large enough for hilly woods? Plan to spend around $6000 . Also, how many hours is too many? Thanks

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