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  1. Sorry for not getting back sooner... yes, I can but don’t see a place for that ground wire. that’s exactly why I’m at a loss... i’ve even searched everywhere under the frontend with no luck. I was thinking maybe it was spliced into another wire but I don’t even see anything it would have come from in that manner...Crazy, huh?
  2. Thanks for the information, I looked at it and still can not tell which wire is the ground wire. You see, I was making improvements on my Joyner when a ground wire broke lose and my display went blank along with my 4x4 switch. I’m looking for the place to reconnect the ground. I know it’s a ground because the part that is still attached is connected to the chassis. Any kind of help will most gracefully be accepted and appreciated 😇
  3. Hi, I was hoping to find an "in-color" diagram, at least, of the wiring from the speedometer and where all the wires are connected. The entire wiring of the entire side-by-side would be wonderful!!! I purchased a used 2008 Joyner Commando 650 2 seater from an individual and they butchered the wiring...something has come lose and I cannot for the life of me tell where it is supposed to connect. It is a ground wire and is till connected to the frame but I don't know where else it is suppose to connect. What makes me think it goes to the speedometer is that when it came lose, the speedometer immediately stopped working. If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it tremendously. There is nothing on Joyner's website...and I already looked on YouTube to no avail...might be something there but I could not find it...

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