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  1. Thanks for the info. Got a question about the carb. What does the vent on the carb do and just how does it work. I see that a tube just goes down and is open-ended.
  2. This happens when the engine is warmed up. It idles fine, runs fine at high speeds, it happens when the throttle is opened slightly from an idle but when it is opened more than at idle it runs fine. Up-date: I noticed it doing it the last time I ran it and it was worse so I raised the seat and saw the carb was flooding out, gas coming out of carb from somewhere. I got back on and ran it fast back home and it ran fine. May be the float was sticking or trash in it that time. I drained the carb bowl but saw nothing come out, ran it twice since and it ran fine. Don't know what else to do.
  3. I guess what gets me is why it will idle fine and run at a higher RPM great if it is the pump. I keep it at our place in Bedias, Texas but run it enough so gas does not go bad plus I put a fuel stabilizer in it. Think I will go up there and stay, away from Montgomery county.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The fuel filter is new and the air filter likewise, plug looks good and gap is correct. Are the pump repairable, or at least able to take apart and clean if necessary.
  5. First post here hope it is in right place as I get familiar with sight. Have a 2003 550 mule,kaf-300-c7. Put on a new carburetor as old one was in bad shape, jet was frozen in body, although it cranked and idled fine. The problem is: it will crank and idle fine BUT with a slight movement of throttle it wants to die and when more throttle is given it picks up and runs fine. The old carb. and new one does the same thing. The adjustment with the plastic stop does no good. At a loss here. Could it be the fuel pump, as I know nothing about these kind of pumps. any help will be appreciated. T
  6. Just joined, I think. Still trying to find my way around here. I have a 2003 550 mule.

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