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  1. Actually the Trooper is my Brothers, he left it at my place for the winter for me to do some "Up Grades". I have spent most of my time fabing up a power steering kit, installing a marine stereo system, cleaning about 100lbs of mud out of it and fixing a few minor things like the breather lines and Air Filter locations. I live in Manitoba and he lives in Alberta, both provinces have awesome places to go riding.
  2. It's a T4. My fan comes on when you turn the key to the start postion, then turns off, but then when you start it it comes on right away. I was woundering if your's was the same?
  3. Thanks ricksrb, Hope some one has an answer. Also does your fan come on right when you start or does it only come on when it's needed?
  4. What would cause the Temp warning light to come on very dim the minute I start my joyner? Would it be a ground or faulty sensor?

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