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  2. It did not fire when I tried your other suggestions. I have pulled the plug out with plug wire still attached I cranked it over and have some spark. Do you think it might be out of time for some reason? Thanks for your input I appreciate it.
  3. Haven't got around to trying this yet. Flooded with other projects coming in. Hope to try it next week. Thanks Travis keep you posted 👍👍
  4. Ok thanks Travis I will try it and let you know.
  5. Hi I am new to the forum. I have a small kids utv with a 125 4 stroke motor. It sat for over a year and I decided to get it running again. Put a new carburetor on it and it ran better than ever. Change oil and fixed the brakes kids probably drove it for a few weeks maybe 3 to 4 hour maybe. Went to put it away after it sat for maybe an hour wouldn't start. Just turns over no spitting or sputtering. Checked compression has 150 psi, getting spark, changed spark plug old one was pretty black. Put new cdi on and coil still nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

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