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  2. Hi Roger, Thank for responding. After talking with the local Honda dealer, I bought a Honda Pioneer 500 this evening. Seems that is a popular model around here for what I need to do. You're right about risky being risky. It's more a skill and experience question for me. I have a used 44" Swisher rough cut. As I get more familiar with working on the slopes, I'll be able to speed up a little and then even go to a bigger mower. There are some steep, tight areas a tractor could do in the hands of an experienced operator, maybe. I have very little time on my compact tractor, and a utv is goin
  3. Yeah, it seems the gas engines on many of these could do well given their towing capacity. The Kawasaki and Honda in the 1000cc range may be worth a look.
  4. Thanks, Travis. What do you think of the Kawasaki Mule diesel model? Their 3 year warranty looks interesting. I have a good friend who, based on his experience with kubotas through work, suggested I look for something else. I know that would be second hand for anyone here, so I'd have to grant them the right to speak their own experience. Just the same, I couldn't buy one without having doubts. It's a big purchase.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with their experience. The last time I drove any of this stuff, it was a Honda Big Red 500 and a Honda Odessy dune buggy. I'm looking at a utv for pulling a pull-behind bushhog over about 14 acres of rolling pasture. most places are risky on a tractor, so the utv would have to do the whole thing twice annually. Tractors are made to pull implements that drag and take that abuse. While a pull-behind won't be like a plow, it will put a constant drag on the machine's frame. Would I be asking too much of a utv? And, if not, what kind of specs ar

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