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  1. i am looking for an enclosed cab and trying to decide between the Prowler pro and the Polaris Ranger 1100, anyone got any feedback. upgrading from Cub Challenger 700
  2. Thank you i was motivated to trace this out, after about 1 hour tracing wire by wire i found a very hidden 4 wire plug that came out of its support holder and was partially on exhaust pipe melting the connection after 10 minutes of running it would short out, causing fuse to blow. rerouted put heat protection ran for an hour. Thank you
  3. Thanks for responding. The fuse is a mini 5amp the board has it located as "F5". I agree it's probably a short somewhere, as opposed to a defective module or part. It started all of a sudden about weeks ago, running fine, then just shut down, blacking out the screen. It would crank, but no start. Finally after locating fuse box, found the "F5" blown. Replaced, started right up, screen came back to life, then approx. 10 - 12 minutes later died again. Replaced several modules, then stupid me leaned on fuel pickup and broke the inlet tab, replaced that also. Thinking about getting
  4. i have a Challenger 700 2017 bought new. I would say we have around 50 - 60 hours on it. It sits on my property in the mountains most of the time. Recently it began to die after about 15 minutes of idle/running. It blew the fuse "F5" which I have been unable to figure out why. I have replaced multiple electronic components with the same result, including the fuse box. I contacted Cub, the service centers are very few and far between in Colorado so after 2 weeks in the shop, the tech could not isolate the problem. Any IDEAS out there. Thanks Dave

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