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  1. I live in Oklahoma Panhandle. I found out last week that the town I live in passed an ordinance last July that UTVs can be driven on city streets as long as they have all the lights. ie: turn signals, brakes and headlights. Also must have rear view mirror. Have to go to City hall and purchase a permit for $10.00. That is making my decision to buy a Joyner a little easier. I am wanting to buy a Joyner Renegade. If you know someone who has one, call me. 580-338-7286. I prefer the 2 seater but will consider 4 seater. Martin
  2. Been looking at Joyners last couple of months. really want one. Went to tag agency today, and they have not a clue as to what to do to get a tag. They say no matter what, it has to be registered as an ATV, but they will not issue a tag. Just an ATV sticker. That doesn't make it street legal. They can issue a tag for a foriegn mini truck but not a UTV. UTV'S, especially the joyner has more safety features than a motorcycle. But then again, how can you compare a joyner to a motorcycle. In my opinion the Joyner renegade is no different than a jeep. Martin