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  1. Import duty + fees on cars approaches 80-100% of the value of the vehicle. Closer to 50% on vehicles with less than 1000 cc. Can certainly buy a golf cart there but will be expensive. Everyone uses gas golf carts because duty on batteries is a lot and electricity is expensive. Plus gas is more durable in that environment. Leaning towards SXS for a number of reasons. Top end speed vs 6 seater golf cart is significant.
  2. Thanks for the response. Definitely need to test drive before making any decisions
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  4. For sure towing would be out with golf cart. Towing need would be minimal though. If it came down to it, could get someone else to launch/retrieve the boat. Re the parts, I would think golf cart stuff would be easier to source locally since there are really no SxS that I’ve seen but an island full of golf carts. Whatever I buy, I would likely bring down some of the routine maintenance items to have on hand. Shipping parts isn’t a big deal other than downtime. Think you’re right though on side-by-side being a better call. Just wanted to be sure that it fits the most often u
  5. Good morning everybody. Had a question hopefully some of y’all may be able to help with. Looking at buying a vehicle for use in the Bahamas. It’s a small island and 80% of the population gets around in a golf cart. Some folks do have cars though. I’ve been going back-and-forth between a golf cart and a side-by-side like a Polaris Ranger or Kawasaki Mule six seater. Reason I’m leaning towards a side-by-side is that without a car, I need to be able to haul fishing gear, luggage, and whatever else. Also may use it pull a small boat trailer. Need to carry 4-6 passengers. Driving wou

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