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  1. Hi again Dan B, so I ended taking off the rear Main reducer , because is totally destroyed inside, that's why it only work in 4x4 because only work when the front reducer is engaged is there any way to fix the rear reducer inside gears? Here where I live there's no place to buy things like that, or where can I buy a used one to import to Guatemala?
  2. Thank's again Dan B, I can freely put 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th gear, with the shift or gear selector, but when I put it on reverse the front axle move and make a crank noise, like if the front gears are slipering and are not engaging correctly until I push like the 4x4 actuator will do, so I gona make the adjustment on the shift cables and see if it work propeely, I really appreciate your help
  3. Hi Dan B, thank's for your help, im from Guatemala and where I live there's not other Joyner around here in miles, so what I will be very grateful is if can you tell me if the 4x4 actuator works together with the reverse gear, because like I said my joyner not have the actuator and if I want to go in reverse I need to push the little plate that the actuator push, hope I'm explained the way yo can figure what's going on with my joyner, thank's for your help again
  4. Hi all friends, I'm new here, I'm from Guatemala, I have a 2006 Joyner Commando C2 I purchased a days ago, it came with no 4x4 actuator and I already search on ebay and Amazon and also on alibaba and found nothing, my problem is that my joyner is stuck in 4x4 and also don let me put it in reverse, it just make crank sound and not moving in reverse but in the place where goes the 4x4 actuator there is a hole with a little plate with an another tiny hole if I push in that plate it conect in reverse gear, can someone help me on how to make it work manually and also if you can explain me why it do

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