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  1. Hey see my post from this week in this same section. I'm in WV 6'1" and have narrowed it down to the same two as you. I don't think you'll get a Can Am in your price range. But I'm leaning towards a Can Am too. If you check out their website they make it easy to custom fit your machine with what you want (easy way for them to make more $ too). I have had people tell me that one issue with the Can Am is that the cab can get pretty hot. Let's keep in touch as we go through the process. Due to some financial issues I won't be able to order or buy one till the beginning of nex
  2. So these are the big issues that I'm seeing so far: Kawasaki: Pro: Run long and hard, 3yr warranty Cons: 783cc Can Am: Pro: 1000cc, Nice build your own platform Cons: I hear the cab can get pretty hot
  3. Hello! This is my first post here. I live in Charleston WV and have grown up riding ATV's. I've always wanted to get into the Hatfield and McCoy trail systems. I have 3 kids and as of Dec. no longer have to financially support my ex wife. So I've decided those funds should go towards a UTV. Probably didn't need that much background, but oh well. What I get has to be a 4 seater. This will solely be used for recreation and fun. No work, no utility. So based on my own research I've narrowed it down to the Kawasaki TERYX S LE or the Can Am Commander Max XT. I'd

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