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Andrew H

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  1. Hi all! I am a new member here and have really enjoyed and learned a lot from reading all of your posts. One thing that I have not really been able to figure out, however, is what type of spare wheel setup I should get? I have a Renegade R4 with the stock wheels/tires (27x8-12). I usually ride solo (new rider, not many "friends" in the area) and am concerned with getting stuck somewhere with a blown tire or something. I'd like to keep one spare wheel/tire setup on-board (mounted to the roof rack) in case I need it. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the brand, size, etc of the rim and the tire? I'm not looking to replace my entire setup, just need a spare! Thanks! Oh, and while we're at it, does anyone have any opinions on the "Tractor Tunes" radio set up? I am interested in it as it seems fairly easy to install (being all one piece and everything), but $400 is a lot to spend on something without knowing much about it. Andrew