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  2. Considering purchase of my first ever Ranger. It is an 2006 Model 700XP with 520 hours. The guy who has it is my buddy and it has been meticulisly maintained and pretty much never been off road. Always garaged and ran easy. It comes with roof, winch, snowplow, and soft cab for plowing snow. He was offered 6750.00 for it, but said if I wanted it he would take 6000.00 The paint (Blue Metalic) is very good. Also 4 new tires. Is this a good price? Also can a guy get glass windshield and back glass? How about hard doors with glass? How far can you go on a tank of gas? I know I have alot of questions. I live in Indiana and also was told we can drive on the county roads if you do a few things? What do I need to get it apporoved for road use? Thanks in advance for any input!

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