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  1. Okay I think I figured it out, apparently that piece should have stayed on the engine and not came off with the oil filter, so I have installed back on the engine and then put the oil filter on had a momentary brain freeze.
  2. So I am doing the first oil change and after removing the filter I noticed a little spring and what appears to be some type of retainer that attaches to the oil filter my question is how the heck do you line that back up when you put that filter back on?
  3. Just purchased a new Coleman UT400 and came across your forum searching for info and wanted to get in on the fun. We have had a golf cart that wasn't really up to the job and pulled the trigger on the Coleman. We only have 5 acres and this seems to be a good match. So far I have been pleased with the purchase but like several others the manual is not correct but I have already found very useful information here 😀

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