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  1. Yes I still have these parts available The other starter $75 The rear T2 driveline $100 and the Speedo sender unit $45. OH.....Just rounded up a throttle cable if anyone interested. I have 2 locker cables that I found too. $30 for the throttle and $20 for the locker cables. Glade
  2. ROCMOC just bought a starter and the differential parts. The other starter $75 The rear T2 driveline $100 and the Speedo sender unit $45. Sorry there is not more. I know you guys have had to adapt to this poor situation. I love the machines and regret this action that I have been forced to take. Glade
  3. Just an introduction as I have not been a member on this forum. Unfortunately....it is not because I plan to be active here. Due to the recent actions(or NON) of TJUSA and JMC this last year I have been forced to close the doors of my business EDGE Powersports. If I cannot get parts or machines then there really is no point. I have become discouraged by my lack of ability to service customers and their needs. So now to the point of my post here. I do have some leftover new parts that would fit the Renegade and Trooper machines. Though there is not much but perhaps someone here would be interested. These parts are dealer cost. 1 Box internals 800 renegade fron differential...These are new. They were removed from new renegade diff as JMC sent me the wrong one. -SOLD! 2 Starters 800/1100 Joyner....will fit either Renegade or Trooper -1 SOLD! 1 electric odometer assembley 800 Renegade 1 Trooper T2 rear drive line upgraded CV style Sincerely Glade Mason

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