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  1. well after a lot of thought and reading until my eyes hurt, i am going to stay with a local dealer on this. the one thing that really changed my mind was the return e-mail address - [email protected] a co-worker spotted it, if company has been around that long they should have legitimate e-mail account by now. anyway i just dont feel like gambling with 6,800 rather spend a couple of extra bucks and have dealer behind me. if you are interested the name was jing yu trading company ltd. and yes you are right the shipping can cost you alot but i work for a trucking company so my rate would be good
  2. thanks for the input mike i have done a little more research on the company they are a trading company that deals in husqvarna and have been around 10 years. they are including all taxes and fees in the price with shipping to the US, they allso have a one year warrenty on unit. i know it is a roll of the dice, but trying to get as much info as i can befoe jumping in.
  3. hello all looking to buy husqvarna 4421dxl. local dealer asking 12,000 but found china direct for 6,800 usd with shipping. seems like good price for same machine, anyone thoughts about getting direct from china or should i stay local?

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