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  1. 2009 Joyner Renegade R2 4x4 UTV $5,500. Located in Houston, TX. I could potentially deliver within 150 miles, but you'll have to cover trailer rental and gas. This unit is in brand new condition. I don't think it's ever even been off road. There's one small scratched area on the hood, but that's it. Mechanically, it's 10/10. 107 miles on the odometer. It was previously owned by a cop who used it shortly for security patrol. I bought it for a business that never got off the ground. I need to get rid of it, so my loss is your gain. I have this priced aggressively, as I want it to go quick. I'
  2. Thanks for the link. I'm thinking you're probably right. It's in great shape, but with the differential worry and the fear of Joyner never really making it back to the US scene, I'm not sure I can get there. It's too bad really as the Joyner design philosophy is better than that of the "big boys".
  3. I've been looking to get a UTV to help out around on some land I recently bought and the Renegade looks to be like what I would need. I don't want to buy a UTV new as the used market is brutal for the most part on all brands. I was looking at Rangers and Rhinos, but I really like the manual transmission and mechanical lockers of the Joyners. I've read most of the interesting topics on the forum and I'm aware of the differential issues and the tenuous situation Joyner USA is in. With that said, someone has a 2009 (late model with mechanical 4x4) for sale in town with only 100 miles on it.

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