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If you’ve been considering promoting a motor sport field event, this handbook will save you countless hours and get you started toward success. It will take you from the earliest planning stage to the final steps on the field. In it you’ll find eleven sample events along with what’s needed to make them happen.

It covers: Event Considerations

What, where, when, how?

Event Logistics

What materials are needed?

Staffing Considerations

Who does what?

Who’s in charge?

How many people do you need?

The Paperwork

Signup sheets

Score sheets

Information to be posted


The material is loosely bound so copies may be made using the forms as is. A CD is included so you may modify the paperwork to fit your needs.

Years of experience are contained in this copyrighted material. It is available for $49.95. If you would like a training session at your location I am available to meet with your group. The only fee in addition to the package cost will be my expense.

Richard Peck


© 2007 Richard Peck

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