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Lenny cam position sensor


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Somwhere I read that you replaced your cps because of a miss or hesatation or something? I know have a new problem to go with my surge, sometimes on the let off it will die but as soon as i touch the throttle it comes back to life. I was wondering if it might be related to the cps, it and the crank sensor are the only ones i have not replaced. I have gone through everything else. I might be barking up the wrong tree it might still be the ecu.

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Doesn't sound like a cam position sensor problem. You might try hooking up a timing light but not to check timing but to monitor as it cuts out to see if it quit flashing. I have a good fuel pressure gage mounted between the seats where I can see it. This way I can see what is happening with it should a problem arise. The gauge should hold real steady. On mine I added a second low pressure fuel pump which pumps into the top of a seperator tank which is a vertical 2" tube about 14" long. I have a return line in the top that goes back to the tank. This line has a fitting in it that I soldered shut. I kept drilling the solder plug until the seperator tank would hold at about 5psi pressure. The rest of the pumped gas would go back to the tank. The reason for the tank is to provide a place where air in the line can float out. The primary fuel pump pumps from the bottom of this tank and goes to the injector rail but tee'd off from the line to the fuel rail is another vertical tube about 1/3 the size of the seperator tube. This tank only has an in let at the bottom and functions as an accumulator. The tank starts out with only air in it but as pump pressure builds, the gas flows into the tank compressing the air until everything equalizes. If there is any pressure blip in the fuel pressure comming from the main pump, lthe accumulator makes up for it and holds the fuel pressure spot on. And this I can monitor by watching the gauge in between the seats. You could also use a multi meter capable of measuring the injector pulse widths to monitor what is happening when you get the surges. Fluke makes an automotive meter that will do it. I use the Fluke 88 automotive meter. I also have a wide band air fuel ratio meter in my dash so I can see what is happening at the exhaust side. I can see if it all of a sudden runs lean or rich along with other things. Just some thoughts of things that help in monitoring whats going on. I think I would first find another Trooper owner that will let you try out their good computer in yours to see if it helps. If they don't want to let you use theirs, possibily they would let you put your computer in their machine or you could send it to Silverbulleet and see if they would try it for you in one of their Troopers. Good luck.


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Thanks Lenny, thru the day I did some checking on the injectors, fuel pump pressure and some other things. I didn't notice before but when it quits there is no fan or fuel pump. I checked that new relay by putting in another one, no luck. I'll try calling silverbullet and see what they say. If there is anyone near me with a T2 there not saying anything. It's diffacult being out in the middle of nowhere. this time of year there are lots of side by sides here but I think I'am the only one with a T2, anyway thanks again .

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No fan or fuel pump would explain the quiting. You must have a curcuit opening up somewhere. I noticed the other day that my ignition switch doesn't always make connection when I turn the key on. I'll be replacing it with an after market one when I get the time. At least now you have something that you should be able to track down with a multimeter.


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