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The Great Outdoors Festival

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Attendees at the Great Outdoors Festival can test their skills in nine specialized Festival villages. Novice to experienced sportsmen can try the latest sporting products in real-life conditions and receive coaching from skilled professionals. The specialized Villages include:

• ATV Village – Test drive the latest ATVs on an off-road course.

• Off Road/4×4 Village - Take [...]

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    • By Everyday Medic
      I have a 2012 HS700UTV EFI, I am from canada so it was marketed under the name power max roughrider 700. I use this machine to plow and general yard work. I have been slowly over the years working electrical bugs out.
      Yesterday the SxS well my son was using it began to make a wire burning smell.  We found that the wires coming into the voltage regulator/rectifier had burnt and melted the plug. Because if this I will be replacing the voltage regultor. 
      Before I replace (have to the plastic is destroyed) I wanted to test the stator to ensure that there was not an over power. Now I know this is very very doubtful as I believe wires in the harness had shorted eachother causing the melt down. But just to be sure.
      I would like to know if anyone can answer, what the ohms reading should be across the windings of the stator. It is still in the bike.  
      Second, there is 5 wires... 3 white they plug into the bottom or back side of the regultor.  There is one black and a red with white strip, which two terminals would these plug into on the front of the regultor? I know the center front is  it used as this is plugged on the now melted connector.
      Thanks for any advice and help.
    • By JDH
      Hi guys,
      I have a Rural King version of the Hisun Sector 250 with about 75 miles and 15 hours on it.  It just started being difficult to start and idle.  But if I hold in on the gas a little it will start and run until I left off.  It also runs good and will run good until I stop then it idles for a few seconds then quits.  Its about 4 months out of warranty.  Battery voltage is fine before, during, and after starting.  Oil is clean and clear.  Gas is fresh.   I can hear the fuel pump spool up when I turn the key to actually start it, not when I turn it to the on position though like on most other UTV's I have owned.  Its really odd and has me perplexed.  The only other thing that I have noticed is that the engine temp indicator on the left side of the dash only indicates one bar regardless of how warm the engine is.  Other than that, it runs great.  Just hard to start and won't idle.  Any suggestions?  It has me  perplexed.
    • By SlickNick
      This weekend we took the Hisun 250 out for some hill climbs at Sycamore Creek outside of Phoenix. The machine hooked up better than I thought. I’m 185lbs and it had no problem climbing the small and medium hills. The 2” lift helped a ton along with the 22” rear tires that came stock on the 2018 models. There was a lot of grip climbing and enough power to pull some cool donuts in the loose stuff. Good times so far.
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    • By Travis
      Since my mule's been sitting for the past months, how can i test the battery to be sure it's still good?
    • By Travis
      Looking for a compression test kit. Needs to fit a Kawsaki Mule 550.

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