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Renli 1500cc

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    • By Kingfish
      I've had a battery failure and need one replacement.  The local distributor told me it might take up to four weeks to get one.  I'd like to order one in sooner than that if possible.  Any help would be appreciated.
    • By chase ledbetter
    • By Charl
      Hi all. Can anyone please tell me or even better show me maybe where my Renli 1500 buggy's Mass Airflow Sensor is located. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks 
    • By djl
      Hello All.  I am planning on purchasing a 2013 HiSun 700 UTV and am interested in any shop manuals that may be available.  Happy to see that this board has a section for HiSun owners!
    • By Moses88
      So I’ve ran my renli for 4-5 years now and have heard of guys throwing a Chevy cobalt ss motors in the buggy.. but I was thinking more like dropping a Subaru wrx or even a vw 1.8t in it.. anyone done anything major to their Renlis yet.. I’m not afraid of a project.. that’s the best thing about these buggies is that you can literally strap/bolt/weld whatever you want onto them to keep them running.. see lots of guys worried about ordering parts for these things and waiting for months In order to do so.. which I find stupid on how easy these things are too upkeep/modify.. but I’m still suprised years into owning this renli and online I’m not finding any forums or anything to much on mod’ing them or swapping or custom builds.. cheers to Jack cecil on YouTube for being only guy to post some vids on his renli build.. but these things have serious potential to be something awesome and at half or more the cost of buying a north American sxs.. and way easier to build and maintain. It’d be awesome to get a bigger and better online community/forum for these fun buggies.
      ill post some pics of my adventure build over the years to my renli and hope to see some more renli owners/enthusiasts do the same! Thanks and cheers 
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