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    • Polaris Ranger 800 11-16 4x4 6x6 Crew Engine Motor Rebuilt

      Polaris Ranger 800 11-16 4x4 6x6 Crew Engine Motor Rebuilt On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Polaris-Ranger-800-11-16-4x4-6x6-Crew-Engine-Motor-Rebuilt/361534749653?  

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    • Best Can-Am Dealer In The South

      Who is the best can am dealer in the south? Cheapest price 

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    • Hisun dealer support

      Stay as far away from Hisun as you can,  fit and finish nice but I bought a truck load and every single machine failed in the first 5 miles and took months to get parts. 5 out of 5 generators failed as well and they would not offer any warranty support! They set up dealers just to get rid of inventory.  Units that cannot be retailed to dealers goes to the auction house and drives the value down,  Nada wont ever put a resale value for Hisun on their website.  They do not support dealers, I finally got my last one to the auction house and the throttle cable broke on it way to the selling line! Its like throwing money away doing business with these folks... Run away and hide from Hisun as fast as you can! or just send me the cash!

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    • mule with predator motor

      my 2005 3010 mule with the 620 in it decided it was tired and went to knocking. i have ordered the predator 670 v twin that should be here tomorrow for my replacement motor. as far as the clutch i am looking at the comet 780 for around 280.00. has any one ever did a motor change that might could give me any advice on the project or clutch. thanks robbie

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      With the new distributor and many changes in the world of Joyner It would be helpful to have a list of dependable dealers. If you agree please reply with the name, location, and telephone number of a dealer worthy of being listed on the board. Before submitting the information please to talk to your dealer to let them know what you are going to do. This should reinforce there willingness to handle our business. It would be nice if the dealer were a board member. Your personal knowledge of the dealer is important. Hopefully the dealers listed would be a full blown dealers, not one in name only. They should stock, or have ready access to parts needed, and have knowledgeable service people. You might suggest it would be nice if they would offer come incentive to have board member do business with them. If you agree please respond with your dealer information. Kinarfi will pin the list on the board. We have a great network of owners helping one another, why not good dealers? EDIT - All dealer info moved to post #2 - Kinarfi Gumball

      By Gumball, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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