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So i bought a buggy, err go kart? i dont know what to call it, it looks similar to an old Honda odyssey. anyways the power inst consistent on it, so i dug into the CVT and found the pads on the rear pulley assembly were worn down to the metal. i tried finding a replacement online and cannot find the exact one, im new to all this and don't know much about CVT's and what not... can someone explain to me CVT's a little, can i replace the whole unit with a completely different one? do they make universal CVT's, or are they engine specific? This probably seems like a dumb question, but buying this has been a learning experience so i don't know much about the workings of engines, and transmission. oh and i also cannot find the engine any where online, the only thing i can find on it is KHE7.1, but that only seems to pull up the starter that is on the buggy.

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