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  1. Ok I got the pattern --- 4-115.. still need a steel wheel source, I'm wanting to buy some cheap wheels to put street tires on.
  2. Need a good source for some steel wheels, also what is the lug pattern?
  3. Well I think we resolved it then! Haha I guess i spent 49 bucks on junk! haha Its all good though. Thank you Lenny for your help and everyone else. I guess the power shut off reset my ECU and it starts fine? Lol whatever works!
  4. Lenny, Thanks for the pointers, I shut main power off and tried again, to my surprise it fired up first try, no pumping or anything, but the idle still way erratic, so tried again with the power shut-off, still fired first try but idles same, and also still acts like its in run-away, so i unplugged IAC again and idles fine and fired up first try. So Idk it just seems like IAC would be important, but it runs great with it unplugged... ? I don't know... Also checked for leaks with Carb. cleaner as it was running and found none.
  5. I should be able to make that date work, I have to shuffle some things around and make sure my guys can handle things for a day or two. Will keep you posted and I'll try to get some others involved.
  6. Ok, Ran compression test, all cylinders within 4-5 psi of 150, Replaced IAC and starting problem still there, Ok heres the wierd part, and i need help with this once again. Installed new IAC, let the motor go through the initial system test, fuel pump run, etc... Fired it up and the idle went to 1500 rpm, finally came down to about a 1000 and motor sounded really choppy. Revved it up a little and it acts like it wants to run away, it'll hold 2500 until you shut the key off. So i unplugged the IAC and everything went back to normal..???! So let me pick your brains yet again, what in the hell could be going on????
  7. Are we doing TN or KY? If KY, I wont make it, Hyden is over 7 hrs from me.
  8. Will test tommarow, i have compression tester at work, Also got IAC valve in today from AZ, Will also install tommarow. I'll let ya know!
  9. What is normal compression on these things?
  10. Lenny I was thinking IAC also, I ordered one from Jeff in Phoenix AZ, Should make its way to GA shortly (Lol). --Question: May be stupid to ask but could my snorkel be leaning the motor under initial start-up? The motor never misses a beat after initial start-up, like on or two pumps on the gas as its starting and its good. So maybe 1-3 sec. and its all-good. Also---- Kinda off-subject but was messing around the house the other weekend, riding trails and what-not, went to the mailbox to check the mail and upon coming to the box, I didn't shift into first and stalled it out in 2nd gear easing upon the mailbox, Anyway, when i went to start it back up, it would not. Kept trying over and over again, pumping throttle, holding throttle, cycling the key, etc. And finally started after about 10 min of letting it sit... Never did it again but baffled me none-the-less. (It also ran like crap when it did finally fire up but after a few revs it cleared up) ?? Stumped.
  11. Yeah I always let the pump run untill it cuts off, same way with my fuel injected Harley. But it seems to Idle at about 900 already so Im kinda stuck.
  12. Alright, Having issues, and have had issues since i bought it, but no matter when, hot/cold, day/night, etc, You have to pump the gas like a carb.. After you pump it a few times to keep it idling, its fine. I ordered an IAC valve for it but not sure if thats really the issue at hand. Anyone else had this problem? Sorry if this is a double post but i could not find a related topic.
  13. Well Im good for late Oct or early Nov. What about everyone else?
  14. Ok, Lets do this; If you EC guys are game, I can get a bunch of people together, not all Joyners (We don't live in a perfect world )But, Some RZR's, Some Rhinos, Some 4-wheelers, But people are DTR, Lets get a location and roll with it.

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