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  2. In the spirit of the above quote; I have some positive news to report !! With what was happening in the SB Responce thread, I didnt feel it apropriate to bring this up there... I ordered a set of Ross pistons from Jose, late last week, and today received my order just as planned . I have been talking with him over the last sev weeks & has been returning me emails & calls !!! He has had some change over/new ownership issues/problems, but seems to be doing much better. I do feel he is getting back on track !!! He is and has been helping me source some harder ARP rod bolts for my 650's, he been very helpfull (as he always has been for me in the past !!) Just wished to state my current, satisfactory dealings with Jose at the new & improving SB !!! Jose if you read this, thank you And i gotta tell you "you need to square up Merchant Mariner or inform of the issue", this does not help instill confidence in the new Silver bullet--take care of old business !! this bodes poorly towards my future biz with you !!!
  3. Hi Niles I sooo want to put the Python thru some "testing" I'll see you in Nov at the Valley of Fire,my friend !! BTW sure proud to see Joyner USA's progress putting Joyner back on the map, you guys keep up the good work !!!
  4. Yes thank you Merchant Mariner, I definetely understand what your saying. I have to get back with Kris Abel (Ops Manager at Joyner Usa) 1st of next week (he is supplying many of the new parts coming in, to Jose he told me)... But we only talked briefly about the New SB & Kris is a square up kinda guy, I'll see what he thinks about current affairs...
  5. Hi Jose I bought & built; the 650 upgrade kit with the 10.75 to 1 Ross pist's, from you guys last Nov; it was awesome !!! And i now want another set of these pistons !!! Your site (& your employee I talked with last week says these slugs are now available in a higher comp ratio (11.5 to 1) and your potentially making these "true" Full Floaters (Awesome x2), but I have a few questions for "you" your employ couldnt answer !!! I also just emailed you at [email protected] (and the old mail acc you gave me last Nov) with my phone no.s... Please get in touch with me, I "will be buying some 65o pistons" very soon !!! I've left at least 5 messages over this last week, on your Co phone (same no I talked with your employ on)... What gives ?? Im pleased to hear you replaced Rick, in the past I was pleased with the correspondence(s)/experiences Ive had with you... And i wish you all the best as the new owner... But honestly Im becoming very leary/concerned; not having heard back from you !!! I want to do continued business with you ------> Please call me !!! Jeff (Ossman) from Washington state
  6. Hi Showa; I did get some Fox Zero pros (from an Artic Cat M7) for the SS but have not had time to weld new tabs & get these mounted yet, all my time been going into my sons Viper (the 650 we,re building). Still waiting on my SB Kit to arrive (cant even get the machine shop boring the block till I get those pistons) but in the meanwhile we're puttting a diff 680cc build in his Viper, that I recently found for sale (Venolia 9.5:1 pistons & some goodys)
  7. Thank you guys, appreciate the welcome. Lenny I was reading on your supercharger topic, way cool & I'll certainly be watching & hanging out here as it appears this site has a collection of sum very progressive & knowledgable folks. And I certainly agree with this... Im detailing me 650 engine build on Buggy News My link as many of us there are running this eng Thankx again Jeff PS ricksrb; please move this thread to the Joyner portion of your site & I will try to do an update now & again in case this helps any of your members now or in the future.
  8. Thank you Rick, I apoligize if I sounded abrassive & I understand this more of a UTV specific forum, but the Commander does share this same eng. Im also sorry for my post location (but as this was my 1st post here, I entered this in the New Members section-move this thread accordingly) and again thank you. Again -- I was told Im thinking this kit was most likely done on a Commander 650, rather than the SS, Ive sent Jose 2 emails asking for more about this build/outcome & reveiw, but with no answer (my Piston kit order was made Fri afternoon, & an email to Jose fri & again Sun) I also have not heard back from him on a pricing quote on an extensive list of other parts I needed, list emailed Mon AM & I verified that this had been received when I talked with Johny that same morning I was hopefull Silver Bullet-Rick would respond back to me... (i have 3 of these 650 engines iin our buggy fleet, & will most likely be doing another rebuild in the near future) Thankx & best regards Jeff
  9. Engine was very tired, smoked when I bought it!! Huh Jose (from Silver Bullet) told me some one on the UTV forum had done Silver Bullets piston & cam kit on a Sand Spider 650 already & posted of his build, and outcome. ????????????????? Wow quess Im not welcome here ? Huh !!
  10. Waiting (for my parts to arrive); watching (for any info on the Ross oversized piston & cam job results; opinions after install, Hp gains, etc)

  11. Waiting (for my parts to arrive); watching (for any info on the Ross oversized piston & cam job results; opinions after install, Hp gains, etc)

  12. Hi guys glad I could finally join here. Great site, looked thru lots of topics--lot of good info !! Im from eastern Wa. (state) run my own farm, got five sons & we love getting dirty (playing in the dirt). Got us off of the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers & into the smaller dune buggys, my kids are safer strapped in and roll bar protected. Kids & the wife love these toys (dad too), anybody who cant hav fun in these--simply must have no heart beat Weve got my sons Viper650 (i bought off Devil Dog earlier this summer, thanks DD love this thing!!) torn down to the block in the shop. Been working with Jose at Silver Bullet and have ordered "the 650 upgrade kit" friday (10.75:1 Ross pistons/rings/rod bearings etc, with the 'torque specific' cam) Also ordered new con rods, & crank. much yet to get ordered valves/seals/springs and retainers, & gaskets etc. At least now I can soon get the machine shop started... Planning a line bore, ring end gapping & probably have him shot peen & beam polish the new rods (for a potential; future, small eng nitrous settup). Im gonna port & polish the cylinder intake & exhaust, got a new better flow intake for the older mdl FF Webber 40DCOE carb. The crank will remain stock but, I am thinking of shaving the flywheel down just a lit'l (5-8% of total wt). Im a decent farm mech & jack of many trades (expert at none), done a bit of V8 internal work (bac in the day) but most of my eng work experience is in JD tractors--so i may need sum help incouragement & 'correcting' along the way Tj (my youngest) & I are Really Pumped about this build project and its possibilitys !! Anyways, to the point... Jose said he wasnt aware of any dyno test on this mod, & didnt want to speculate as to the Hp gains, But... told me some one on the UTV forum had done Silver Bullets piston & cam kit on a Sand Spider 650 already & posted of his build, and outcome. Havent been here long and even came close to reading all (lots of great stuff here), but havent found info on this build yet. Seems I keep getting side tracked on threads like the supercharger topic & such Any help finding this thread would be awesome & any advice suggestions and input you guys may have for me would be greatly appreciated. Ive been told this kit alone, could potentially add 20 extra Hp off the flywheel ? Thankx in advance for any help & input Jeff
  13. Jose at Silver Bullit said theres a member here that has done this 650 upgrade build, love to see a reveiw. Cannt seem to get validated, so cant post??

  14. Silver Bullit's 650cc engine upgrade kit--just ordered it !!!

  15. Silver Bullit's 650cc engine upgrade kit--just ordered it !!!

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