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  1. SHOWA, i haven't started putting steel down yet,still on the cad cam system at the moment and buying up parts as well! As soon as i get to putting the steel down in a "going forward to completion phase" i will do a series on the build! Thank you very much for the compliments on "SLINGSHOT"! She is very near and dear to my heart and at some point and time things have to change, for what i'm wanting to do for racing i just can't bring myself to do to her, i would just assume let another family have her and let her bring the attention and enjoyment to them that she has brung to me and my family! If you guys will please help me find her a GREAT home where she will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. Thanks!!!
  2. Got my baby "slingshot" for sale, she is a 2007 sandviper, outlaw utv's body kit, brockwell tuned engine, race prepped trans, corrected rear end geometry and race reinforced, maxxis big horns,quick diconnect steering wheel, limit strap on rear,halogen beam off-road lights, this buggy to build again including the purchase price would cost well over $8000.00 Price is $3500.00, price isn't negotiable! Building new bike powered r1 and just don't need 2 of them however don't have to sell it. Will let 8'x14' diamond cargo black enclosed trailer go with it for a extra $1500.00. Great deal to either go play or race ready. Located in alabama just below columbus ga. Can help on delivery within reason. 706-570-2145 Mike
  3. Really a good analogy lenny, and pretty close there as well, our race engines have benefited from this practice for a few years now, as well it makes them have a real crisp raspy sound that just throws people for a loop! We are big fan's of david vizard a world renowned mechanical engineer that applied alot of theories to racing, he also made a believer outa us on dimple motors and fire sloted pistons with less timing! The more timing you got in a motor the more it is trying to fire the motor to go bsckwards when fired on the compression stroke. With all the correct applications applied to a motor it will stand about 22 to 27 degrees of timing before it starts to go hott, it is a MUCH more complete burn done this way and the swirl affect is capitalized on greatly, atomozation is acheived easier thru this set-up, if ya get a chance take a look at his articles on the net, it is to some "bsckwards" thinking but in a v-8 with the correct camshaft specs the motors are beasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lenny, for the most part i agree with what you are saying however a few years ago i was able to set in on some would consider to be "secret" workings in racing and was able to watch several different motor configurations hence 2,3,4,6,8,10, cyl motors with die in the fuel run in a black light room, the lesson i learned was unreal, a motor inhales and exhales almost as we do and the gas that comes out the top of carbeurators is unreal. The point being the when correctly placed reversion dams in the flow path makes a motor a much more effecient machine! This is not as prodominant in fuel injection motors but still present none the less so for the configuration i was speaking of would be exceptable for me. My 355 dirt motor with intake and exhaust ran on the dyno with the mods made our gasket mods on the intake and header adapter mods yeilded a 18 H.P. differnce and 12 ft. lbs of torque. That is with out a jet change. So that's a little on a subject of the past i'm glad to be away from........we use to call it going to the fights and hope a race breaks out LOL! Just trying to see if anyone has been into one and seen first hand if it is off by much and how bad! I called silverbullet over a week ago and left message for rick to call me on the cams but no return call, this isn't the first time that's happened, maybe busy or vacation or something but maybe when he gets time i will hear from them, it would be definietly interesting to see what those cams would do for my type of racing! Might let me knock down that shifting thing i have to do down 20 or 30 shifts per lap lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So i am at the point that i am thinking about popin the intake and exhaust off my 800cc to see if port matching them or if they need matching! The exhaust shape is like a D shape, kinda strange to me but are wanting to know if anyone has looked at these motors before and if they have poor matching from the factory and could benefit from this expotentialy! if the intake manifold is smaller than the intake of the head but by just a little then i'm good with that, if the exhaust is a little bigger than the exhaust port, i'm good with that too, so, anybody been into one and does anyone know who carries the gaskets for both? Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Lenny, looking at the other sites you gave me i'm just not sure i understand what i'm lookin at here being's that i'm not into the computer end of these things. If it were posible then it would be the way to go! Also Kinarf, would you have any idea where to get a sensor like that? I looked thru your pics on your rebuild, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get all the specs for rebuiling your motor? You know like tolerances,torque specs,etc.?
  7. i p.m. him with this topic, if it becomes a poibility all i will need to nail down is how to time the motor and how much timing the motor can take. Dosen't seen to be that there is a "known" timing for these motors, do you know of anyone that has attempted to do this or where to get the specs on the motor totally? i think if i can get all of this info and be able to manipulate the timing then the sky will be the limit on this deal. Also does that sensor work off of magnatism or how does it read the position of the flywheel?
  8. we have looked at that before, the problem is that the sensor on the flywheel is not mounted on the same radius as the flywheel is. the sensoer is mounted on a flat surface on the top of bell housing and if you move it left or right on the flat it moves either away or closer to the flywheel inside the bell housing. Without knowing more about how the sensor works we feel that doing that may interfere with the signal sent back to computer. Just out of thaught here not stating a fact but just upon examination that's the way it appears physically!
  9. 2scoops, thanks for getting in on the convo here! Yes sir we are having to stay naturally aspirated, we are looking at any and all advantages that we can get where it all looks to be stock, we have made all the factory tweaks we can we believe but are looking for more, lenny had made a suggestion to contact silverbullet for cam's for the 800 with the same cam grind that the 1100 has, would love to find a controller for the 800cc. I also wondered if the intake and exhaust ports are restricted by bad factory match ups per each component and would it benefit to take a look into it port wise. These motors need some timing put into them but i can't have a totally different system to do this, my class restrictions forbid it. Had played with the idea of off-setting the holes in the flywheel so as to put more ignition timing in the motor that way and not be evident from the outside but just haven't gone and done it yet, was thinking that maybe the computer could adjust for it and putit back where it wants it to be! HEY LENNY, GIVE YOUR INPUT ON MY FLYWHEEL IDEA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. well it would be safe to say that the gas tank was the problem! no skips,spitts or sputters! I would suggest that thi get put in as well when someone has fuel problems, thanks for the help and the info guys, you were all a tremendous help and a wealth of knowledge, my hats off to you all! Thanks, Mike
  11. Here we are fixing to go thru tech for round 2 of the UTVRR series, all went fairly well until lap 3, it had began raining about 20 min before and when in the technical section of the mountain cliffs i caught a 4" small tree stump with left tie rod and spun me counterclockwise down the hill flipped up onto my passenger door backwards on the trail. Another racer coming down couldn't stop and hit me head on and actually rightsided me up and into a dig out in the side of the mountain!!!!!!!!! From that point on i limped it back with a bent tie rod and parked for the evening, the rain was terrible and the attrition rate was pretty bad. but all- in-all everyone came home in good health but alot of carnage! Gota find some tork for my 800cc motor these hills and mountains kills this little motor, need some cams for the 800, i know silver bullet makes'um for the 1100cc. Anyone know how much timing these motors can take if you could adjust the timing? Well that's it for the moment, may have a few more pics to put up later this week! Thanks, Mike
  12. Well the results are in..................................the fuel injection sump in the bottom of my gas tank was torn aloose from the bottom of the tank and was turned catty corner in the gas tank, was holding the fuel gauge at about 3/4 a tank and wasn't even close. I had another tank that i had from a sand viper we put a zx1400 bike motor in left over so i gave it a real good cleanig and installed it into the racer, so we will see if that was the culprit next weekend at the races, ran well around the property so cros your fingers that's what it was, were loaded and ready to race next weekend, wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. there actually is a a x-dwarf car on you-tube that has been converted to a long travel sand car, look it up not sure what the name for the video is but it's there. BITD series is some serious cash there no doubt, but there is a need for all the utv's such as ours to have a place to race, the guy that brought our class together built it so that the hobbiest could afford it to the serious with different classes to work with all budgets. As more people are learning of our type of racing more are coming..............so as the old saying goes....................build it and they will come, you guys can build your own series like ours here i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. AH, the good ole dwarf car days lol, have rolled my fair share of those little dudes..........................and can hear alot less because of'um lol! The joyner is alot quieter in comparison. We still have two cars left,motors, jigs, and spare parts, kinda miss it but don't miss all the cryin and whinnin and people wantin to fight GEEEZZZZZ! Nice to be in a sport where all get along and help one another and at the end of the night, we all sit down and talk about the evenings happenings, kinda like the "i caught a bass this big stories" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. WOW guys thanks for the well wishes, disaster struck march 2nd when getting ready to load up to go to the race, was kickin it around the property for a hott little minute and in a flat out hammer to the floor left hand sweeper turn, (dirt track style) the axle exited the trans quickly and pend me unraceable that weekend, so were going again the 31st of this month to try it again. made some mods on frame,control arm, axle and shock and it held in real well yesterday in the sand dunes. But on another note, i think i had seen where i believe some one said on the 800 you can run the fuel pressure up to 70 psi with different injectors, wide impedence i believe it was, maybe it was lenny that was hiitin on this subject some. Runnin about 55psi at present at 14.2 on the air ratio meter. Any suggestions on makin it better guys????????????????????
  16. searching for spare front and rear 12" factory aluminum joyner wheeis for 800cc sand viper, need atleast one front and one rear but for great deal will consider a whole set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. talked to casey at JMC today and said that alot of joyners get a film in their tanks from this that and the other and has even seen where the plastic was still in the inside of the tank where it wasn't removed during manufacturing! WOW GO FIGURE, last year i had to drill the locking gas cap off of my tank and so to clean it out and see if debris was in there i poured it thru a paint strainer and wala there was some slimy film in the tank that was cought in the paint filter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take the tank forward apart in the next few days and go thru it all, will report my findings as soon as i know! Thanks all for the heads up on all the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, we didnt make the last race, broke a axle loading into the trailer march 3rd. Going again the 31st and try it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Well guys not quite sure what the fix was to the problem, was reading this article for the knowledge end of the deal and BAM my 800cc sandviper did it to me that day lol,skipping, low fuel pressure, let it set, pressure comes up and goes on a min. So i go grab a new fram fuel filter and airtex pump bust it off and runs. Next day cranks well and off to the sand dunes we go, 3 hrs of riding hard and then we got to cruze some BAM does it again!!!!!!!!!! Now when i put the new stuff on it was close to empty so filled her up and took the line alose from the pump in let it pump till fuel shot out and then it started no prob, noticed that the new pump dosent have check valve and didn't change the valve from old pump to new one, have we found out that the check valve deal is the culprit or not? My engine guy is thinkin that i might need to change the fuel pump relay and all lines! raced it all year last year and never had this issue. Also was wondering if a bsd pressure regulator can cause such a drastic pressure change, it will get down to 5 psi and until you cut it of and let it set a few minutes it won't come up, take it back to trailer let it set there 15 min crank it to load GREAT fuel pressure!!!!!!!!!!! So any good idea out there with these symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. i'm sorry Detbochica, ours is a sandviper 800cc, but would like to get one of those or a renegade and do our thing on it and build into a racer for the ecore series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. we have quit a few pics, and a few videos but are limited, we hope to get some new this season, i run a gopro inside the buggy during the race and my wife takes video and pics as she can catch me out on the course, we will see if we can get some video loaded after this weekends race! We've tweaked on the motor some and the stock shocks because we have to run stk shocks in one series but are about to have that changed and then LOOK out folks it on!
  21. Rocmoc, thanks for the heads up! Lenny, was great talkn with you saturday, we will keep in touch and hope to work with you further in our racing efforts, we would love to get everyone in the joyner forum involved in our racing efforts as one BIG family! Hope that everyone will climb aboard and cheer us on, if they have facebook they can freind request us and during the race on fb they can see our progress as the race goes on segmant by segment! Thanks again and will talk to you soon, Mike
  22. organizing and loading for next weekends race at stoneylonesome OHV park in birmingham alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hey everyone, were new to the site and after some conversation with lenny yesterday he advised me to post some pics of our 800cc sandviper race buggy, we currently are entering our 2nd season racing her in the east coast series UTVRR, www,utvrr.com, She is affectionatly known as "slingshot" , the nick name is for a reason, shes known for in the upper rpm's to make butts outa the 800cc razors and rhinos LOL! Take a look at us and if you feel you have some ideas to help the brand in the racing world, by all means chime in! Keep a eye on us here or the series site to see our progress during the year as we go after the points champioship in our class, have a great one, Mike and Deana Brown
  24. From the album: "Slingshot"

    she actually pretty clean for 4 hrs., finished third with a broke axle just had to settle in and concentrate to do it with one wheel pullin, she was a hand full for 4 hrs.
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    This is our UTVRR series "OUTLAW UTV'S" Race prepped 800cc sand viper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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