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  1. Thanks for your reply charlie. I got it running. Somehow the fuel pressure regulator was set to 75 psi. Turned it back down to 50 psi.....running like it use to. Now I just gotta put a clutch in it. Is it hard to do? Do I have to pull the motor?
  2. I have called several of the dealers on this list for help and NO ONE will call me back to give me any assistance with my problems! I have posted the problem I'm having with my Trooper and it seems to me that there is no solution. Guess I should cut my loses and sell my buggy?
  3. I have an '09 T2. I bought it new of of ebay in '09. I have enjoyed riding my buggy and it has performed very well. Here is my problem, my stupid ex girl friend drove off into a mud hole and then tried to climb out of it in third gear. She thought she was in first...UGH. This burned the clutch up and the buggy has sat for about a year. I have taken it to my mechanic to replace the clutch. Course now it wont even start. He found that the wire going to the crank sensor had been eaten by a mouse. He repair the wire and he has put new gas and plugs in it, but it still wont run. He told me that eac

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