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  1. J-U-N-K just bought a new rhino & i love it, no problems at all. Had the same encounter with qlink spoke to a girl named tamra, she dident want to know me beacuse i spoke with her weekly about that pos tthat was always broke, she made it seem like it was my fault it was broke. I have nothing good to say about them. Its going to be hard selling it, most dealers told me no way that they would take it as a trade, I ended up getting $2,000 on a trade. Good luck with your polaris. I guess the saying is true you get what you pay for....
  2. I will say this Beers in wysox pa. helped me out over the phone with many of my issues, they are good people... M y dealer went out of business (cbx man)
  3. I have a 2008 frountrunner 700 i had nothing but problems with it. oil leaks ,starter bearing , starter, primary & secondary clutch rear end & drive shaft I just put a new piston & rings in it & now my rear seal is leaking did mention my machine has 1,170 miles. This machine was never abused , most of the time a saturday aftenoon cruise. Im in the process of selling it as soon as i fix the rear seal, my next machine will be a real rhino.....guess you get what you pay for....

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