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  1. It looks just like the Yamaha 660 motor without EFI. I've looked at engine parts and they look interchangeable to me.
  2. I hope they aren't out of business. I checked their web site a minute ago and everything looks like it's still alive and well. I really can't imagine, but anything is possible in these economic conditions. QLINK
  3. Would the warranty not be a difference as well? Before getting the FrontRunner I looked at the warranties and the QLINK is 1 yr. vs. 6 mo. for the Rhino. It was also $3k less expensive than the base Rhino. I can buy a lot of spares for $3k if I want and have them ready just in case of an emergency. I also liked that the wheels on the FrontRunner were more like what after-market would be on others. The Kymco similarly equipped was only a 500cc and was priced $1,500 more than the 700cc I bought. I'm just pointing out some of the reasons I chose the QLINK FrontRunner for anyone in the market an
  4. Actually have one and I'll tell you this....my stock FrontRunner 700 outran a Rhino pretty handily.
  5. If the quality is good, is it really a problem? Actually, since three companies re-badge them it would be a benefit to the buyer in that they could chose the best re-badger or the one with the best warranty right?
  6. I have a QLINK FrontRunner 700 and nothing but praise for it. Goes anywhere the expensive makes do, comes with lots of standard equipment and runs 52 mph (on GPS) with a passenger. No problems with it at all. The 700cc retails for $7995 and the 500cc retails for $6995.
  7. Does anyone have one? What has your experience been with ours?

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