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  2. I replaced my gauges because they were bad. And my oil pressure switch was bad too. After replacing it the gauge worked fine. Might change my speed sensor too and hope to fix my speed gauge.
  3. Right on. I don't mine picking at my rig either. Not very good at the wiring tho.
  4. I wish there was a place close to me for parts. When I need parts I need to order it and it takes a week to get it. And no one around me don't know anything about my renegade and don't want to work on it. So I just try to fix it myself. Learned alot by it.
  5. I pulled the speed sensor it looked ok. Sensor still might be bad. Wish I had one to try. For the speed gauge and rpm, when I turn key on the two gauges cycles back and forth showing it works I guess. I thought it be weard that my oil gauge and pressure sending unit, fuel and sending unit , temp gauge give out the same time. All gauges work fine now after replacing them. Just the speed gauge left to fix. Like to have a speed sensor to try to see if that's the trouble.
  6. Never had any replys on my problems with my renegade. Found that my oil sending unit was bad. I replaced it and now works. Speed gauge still won't work. Think it might be speed sensor.
  7. Hello, wondering if I could get help with a couple gauged not working. I replaced some bad gauges. Now I noticed that my oil gauge go all the way up when I turn the key on checked for bad wires. All look good. And another thing is my speed gauge won't move when I drive. It cycles when I turn key on and that's it. I have a 2008 renegade. Any ideas on this problem?
  8. Hello, having trouble with a couple of gauges. I replaced 3 gauges. Oil,fuel,and water temp that gave out the same time. After replacing gauges I noticed now that my speed won't move when I'm driving. Only cycle when I turn key on. And my oil gauge goes all the way up when I turn key on. I think the sensor might be bad. Any idea on the problem I'm having? Tks.
  9. Hello. Having trouble with two gauges not working right. Noticed when I turn key on speed gauge and rpm cycle up and down as they suppose to. When I drive the speed gauge won't move and not sure why. And I noticed that the oil pressure goes to 120. Can't figure on the problem. Need help with this. Tks.
  10. Hello. All my gauges work fine. Except oil pressure. The gauge go all the way up when key is turned on. And the speed gauge cycle when key turn on but when I drive the speed gauge will not move. Any idea?
  11. My gas gauge is fine now. I replaced the gauges that were bad. Now when I turn key on the oil gauge go all the way up for some reason. I noticed when I started to drive it the speed gauge wouldn't move either. Any idea?
  12. Hello. Having trouble with speed gauge not working it cycles when key turns on but will not work when moving. I replaced fuel, oil pressure, and water temp. Because not working. All gauges work fine. Except oil gauge. When I turn key on oil temp go to bust. Not sure why. Everything seems to work fine except the 2 gauges. Tried switching wires. Still the same. Any idea? Tks.
  13. I made a new ground to gas float. And nothing happened but when I put my tester to the brown with black strip. The gas gauge moves to 1/2 full. So I got good power going to gauge, good ground, only get gauge to move when I touch the tester to the red wire at gas tank. Wish I could get someone to talk me through it. Could explain better.
  14. Not sure on how to use the ohm tester. I tried a ground wire from battery to the brown wire with black strip that gose to the red wire on gas float. Gas gauge show full. Switch wire to the black and nothing happens. I tried a wire from power to the red then ground to the black and nothing happens.
  15. Found out that my gauge was bad. Tried another one but still won't work until I put a power wire to the brown with black strip wire. Going to the gas tank. There was a little power going to the tank. I do have a full tank of gas. So I got to get some out to see what gauge will show. Still think there's a short.

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